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The Highlands Neighborhood

Highlands LouisvilleAbout the Highlands
Discovering the historic beauty to the Highlands is one of Louisville’s greatest delights. It’s one of the few places where lifestyle meets cultural history, and it’s one of the few places people are completely captivated by. The neighborhood’s central location between East Broadway and Bardstown Road has made it a popular choice for many professionals, due to its proximity to businesses, restaurants, and other shops. Every year, the community hosts an Art and Music Festival to celebrate the industry and feature local artists. Over the years, the Highlands community has risen to be one of Louisville’s coveted treasures.
The Highlands Real Estate
Homes in the Highlands are divided among smaller subdivisions, though each one equally contributes to the community atmosphere. Typical properties feature Victorian and Federal-style architecture that offers cozy living space mixed with local accessibility. Houses in the area are highly valued because of their location and unique attributes. Fans of the classic subdivisions, where neighbors know each other and kids play together will find the Highlands a desirable spot.
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Restaurants, Businesses, and Nightlife in the Highlands
On the commercial side of the Highlands rests a long line of independent restaurants, antique shops, natural food stores, coffee shops, and bars. Practically all of Baxter Avenue is made of local shops homeowners would enjoy. If you’d like more information about businesses in the Highlands area, visit their community site ( or contact an agent. We’re not only experts on the area, we’re admirers.

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