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Relocating to Louisville, KY – Your Local Guide

First Day In Home Tips:

At last, you’ve arrived at your new home and the moving truck is empty. Now is the time to check your list of boxes to make sure that everything has arrived. If you pre-planned, you would have labeled your boxes by rooms. This would enable you to go through each room and check them off. If you arrived at your new location a little late in the day, then the next step would be to place some curtains up to the window for privacy. Beds should also be assembled by the movers or the family.

Find your box of linens and make the beds up for a decent night’s sleep. If you have moved into your home, early in the day, then a little cleaning is in order. Since the rooms are initially empty, clean around baseboards, cabinets, floors, drawers and counter tops. If possible, a cleaning service could be secured to clean before you arrive at your home.

Louisville KY Real Estate

The Louisville Moving Guide:

When you relocate to Louisville, Kentucky, you are welcomed with a Greater Louisville Relocation Guide. This booklet informs you about housing, its economic climate, education, counties, attractions, local businesses and the benefits of Southern Indiana. The Guide also provides local utilities information, area school systems, and neighborhood information. Louisville welcomes everyone, no matter their lifestyle, interests or background.

Louisville Real Estate:

Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city located between the south east borders of Kentucky and Indiana. Its a blend of historic architectural buildings and high rise skyscrapers. Low median homes are situated in the West and South of Louisville. Middle ranged homes are in the South and East, while higher median homes are North and East of I-64.

When you consider relocating to Louisville, your choice of housing is varied. Housing options consists of downtown lofts, detached single family homes with plenty of acres for large front and back yards. Riverfront homes are designed with boat landings, Victorian homes are situated among perfectly manicured parks. Rural housing where your closest neighbor might be a mile away, yet close enough to reach the Interstate.

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Friendly and Inviting Neighborhoods:

Louisville is a tourist mecca with a large global entertainment center, famous sports activities and top chef restaurants. The residents of Louisville are friendly and very enterprising. There is a thriving mix of world wide corporations, sharing innovations and knowledge that keep Louisville on the hi-tech mobile map. Each neighborhood is eclectic and filled with local businesses who join together to share their future visions.

The City of Parks:

Known as a City of Parks, its Louisville Loop development is to encircle the entire city with metropolitan park lands, filled with amenities to keep people moving. There will be bike trails, jogging paths, children parks, baseball fields, volleyball courts, golf and tennis courts. Community centers will be sprinkled throughout the parks for people to swim, picnic, barbeque, camp, dance and specialized activities for the mentally or physically challenged. Louisville believes in affording its residents every business opportunity, educational opportunities and a healthy lifestyle.

Special Attractions:

Not only does Louisville hosts the world famous Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, but it is home to basketball and baseball giants. There are museums for every interest, famous wineries and of course there is always the famous Kentucky bourbon distilleries. Other attractions include the Louisville Zoo, state of the art Iroquois Amphitheater, a cruise on the Belle of Louisville and many other entertainment programs along the Waterfront and around the Ohio River.


Your family will be happy to know that Louisville’s educational system is one of the top rated systems in the nation. Their Kentucky Board of Education Department believes that successful children make successful tomorrow’s. From a child’s first month to their fifth birthday, parents are encouraged to enroll them in specialty programs to help their growth and development. From ages K-12, children are enrolled in public, private, charter or virtual schools, where a good education is top priority. Kentucky features top public universities, private liberal art schools, private colleges and universities, including community and technical colleges.

Louisville – An Investment:

Relocating to Louisville is a life long investment in your career, family and economic goal. It has a small town atmosphere with a large suburban energy. It is historic, eclectic, unique and special, with a lot to see and do for as long as you live here.

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