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Neighborhood Feature Lake Forest Louisville

Lake Forest NeighborhoodAbout Lake Forest
Lake Forest, just 15 minutes east of Louisville, has taken the idea of a family-friendly community and expanded it. Its popularity is due to its convenient location, which places you right outside the city, but in a comfortable suburban setting. Inside the neighborhood, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the Lake Forest Golf & Country Club. Many try their luck on the championship-designed golf course and find the challenge a good reason to come back. And if they haven’t already, they usually choose to move there just for the golf.
If golf isn’t to your liking, Lake Forest has several other features that make it a great place to live. From tennis courts to the clubhouse, you can find plenty of friendly neighbors willing to join you and have fun. There are also 14 charming lakes spread across Lake Forest, which offer a tranquil area to fish and explore.
Lake Forest Real Estate
Homes within Lake Forest have been custom built for large families. Featuring stately properties with 3-5 bedroom houses, there’s plenty of space for playful children and pets. Creative designs matched with traditional needs have led builders to construct amazing homes with large master suites, multi-purpose rooms, and luxurious outdoor amenities.
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Lake Forest Community
Lake Forest is a lucky neighborhood since they are located so close to Louisville. All the city’s festivals, stores, and parks are easily accessed and enjoyed. In May, the Kentucky Derby enlivens the entire the city, so be sure to take part in the excitement. There’s nowhere else than Louisville where you can celebrate horses at this level. For information about other Louisville events and activities, read our local guide: Louisville, and for information about nearby schools, check out our article on Louisville Schools.
Directions to Lake Forest

Lake Forest Map

From Louisville

  • From Gene Snyder Fwy, exit onto Shelbyville Rd
  • Turn left onto Lake Forest Parkway
  • Pass through Lake Forest Entrance

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