Louisville Slugger Bats

    louisville sluggerThe large majority of us have been to a baseball game at one point in our lives. We’ve sat among the bleachers, munched down on cracker jacks, and chanted favorite team hymns. We’ve all watched and painstakingly waited for a home run – our gloves open and crying dearly for a dream catch. But few people know of the baseball bat’s history and where it originated – in particular, the Louisville Slugger.

    Legend has it in 1884, Bud Hillerich attended a baseball game and noticed Pete “The Gladiator” Browning break his bat after experiencing an in-game hitting slump. After the match, Bud invited Pete to come by his dad’s woodworking shop and specify what kind of bat he’d like. Armed with a customized bat, Pete went to his next game and got three hits immediately. Word spread like wildfire, and so the Louisville Slugger was born.

    From Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter, the Louisville Slugger has continued to create historic moments in the game of baseball. If you happen to be in Louisville, make sure to stop the by slugger museum and pick up your own customized bat. [For more information about the Louisville Slugger]

    Directions to the Louisville Slugger Museum

    The museum is easy to find. Just look for the world’s largest bat on the corner of 8th and Main Street. It’s directly in the heart of downtown Louisville, and a parking garage is conveniently located behind the museum.

    Heading West on I-64

    • Take the exit on 3rd Street
    • Turn right onto River Rd.
    • Turn left onto 6th Street
    • Turn right onto Main Street
    • Turn left onto 8th Street

    Heading East on I-64

    • Take the exit on Roy Wilkins Blvd.
    • Turn left onto Market St.
    • Turn left onto 8th St.

    After you buy your own Louisville Slugger, make sure you have the perfect yard to play baseball in. Tour our local homes around Louisville, including: Jeffersontown and St. Matthews.

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