Louisville Schools Their Vision for Your Children

    Louisville is located within the Jefferson County School District and represents one of the finest achievements of Kentucky’s educational standards. Consecutively, they have scored well among other districts and prepared students for a bright future filled with endless opportunities. Their vision is to help each child reach their full potential and to have them continue contributing to our society. It is by no short order they realized children learn differently, and proactively sought new ways to teach different styles. By nourishing leadership qualities and innovation, they have further prepared students for the future. And with partnerships among the community, schools in Louisville have built a dynamic learning environment for everyone to learn from.

    Louisville’s Mission Statement
    “Our mission is to provide relevant, comprehensive, and quality instruction for each and every student, and to inspire them in continuing education.” – JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens

    Focus Areas – Where They Place Their Attention

    1.        Increased Learning
    2.        Graduation and Beyond
    3.        Stakeholder, Involvement, and Engagement
    4.        Safe, Resourced, Supported, and Equipped Schools

    Louisville Education – “Raise the Bar”
    Louisville is part of a community-wide effort to “raise the bar” on academic standards, and as a result, prepare students more formally for college and possible careers. Kentucky was the first state to adopt these tougher academic standards, also known as Common Core standards. To learn more, visit raisethebarlouisville.org.
    A Short List of Jefferson County Schools

    • Atkinson Elementary School
    • Bowen Elementary School
    • Chancey Elementary School
    • Dixie Elementary School
    • Farnsley Middle School
    • Highland Middle School
    • Crosby Middle School
    • Central High School
    • DuPont Manual High School
    • Southern High School
    • Waggener Traditional High School

    To find a school in your area, use this Louisville tool: School Finder
    Homes Around Louisville Schools
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