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About Louisville
Louisville didn’t need to wait the full 2 minutes for the Kentucky Derby to finish before they realized there should be more to their culturally-rich town. Every May, the horse race attracts thousands of visitors to the area, but once they watch the event and tour around town, they come to understand why Louisville has been named a must-live destination. Located just south of the Ohio River and just below Indiana, Louisville has had a dynamic relationship with its northern counterparts, southern heritage, and French history.
Louisville Real Estate & Neighborhoods
There are very few places in America that boast a unique set of architecture and neighborhood communities like Louisville. From its earliest colonial days, it has welcomed and added small “river towns” to its community, creating a diversified city. Famous neighborhoods include the Highlands, which boasts an eclectic culture of restaurants, shops, and real estate.

Highlands Home

As a result, the Highlands have become the nation’s largest Victorian-style neighborhood. Homeowners are always captivated by the distinctive features of the properties, which include steeply pitched roofs, textured shingles, and asymmetrical designs. But from all the creative designs and home innovations, Louisville is also home to large neighborhoods of “shotgun” homes, which are narrow, rectangular houses fit for small residences.
To understand Louisville’s architecture and neighborhoods, check out our local neighborhood guides:

Louisville SluggerThings to Do in Louisville
Boasting of both a family-friendly atmosphere and young offbeat culture, residents of Louisville have found more than enough to do for a lifetime. From Bardstown Road, in the Highlands, you’ll gorge on culinary-rich restaurants, hipster shops and bars, and amazing festivals. And once you’ve had enough of the “Keep Louisville Weird,” you’ll most likely head down the traditional Bourbon Trail. Louisville does produce a third of the country’s bourbon, so it’s a must-try. But the most exciting event of the year comes from the Kentucky Derby. Nowhere else will 2-minutes of your life be so exciting.
For family-fun events, head over the Louisville Slugger Museum and learn how the famous baseball bats got started. Once you have your own customized bat, stop at any of the 120 parks in Louisville and play a game of ball. Every family finds the Kentucky weather and wilderness one of the greatest parts to living in the area.

Louisville Schools

Located in the Jefferson County School District, Louisville schools have been rated as one of the best in the state. The education department adopted the “Common Core” standards to raise the bar for students, so they’d be more prepared for college and possible career opportunities. As a result, the stricter academic standards have led to a growth in education and the community. [Read Louisville Schools for more information.]
To find a school near your home, use this School Finder
Local Louisville News

  • Louisville Named 7th Best City for Retirement – Recently the U.S. News & World Report named Louisville one of the top cities to retire in because of greater affordability, things to do, and ease of getting around.
  • Louisville Named Top Travel Destination of 2013 – Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel publisher, recently named Louisville the best place to travel to in America. To learn why, click here to read their article. 

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