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Oldham County – North of I-71 Real Estate

Welcome to Oldham County, as of 2007, the population was 55,935. The county seat is La Grange. Wondering how the county got its name? The county is actually named for Colonel William Oldham. Did you know things have really changed in Oldham County in the past 6 years! Oldham County was a prohibition or completely dry county until January 2005 as the result of a 2004 ‘moist’ vote, permitting sales of alcohol in restaurants that seat at least 100 patrons in which 70%+ of total revenue is derived from sales of food. It turns out Oldham County is the wealthiest county in Kentucky and 48th wealthiest county in the U.S. and ranks second highest in Kentucky for percent of college educated residences. Why? It has to do with the people who choose to live in Oldham. Areas east of Louisville have long been popular with wealthy residents, first as summer residences eventually as year-round suburban estates and bedroom communities.

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