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Germantown Real Estate

Germantown is a neighborhood that is located southeast of downtown Louisville, Kentucky. This area of Kentucky has always been known as a blue collar neighborhood with families who continue to live in the area generation after generation. This Louisville suburb is constantly growing due to more families wanting to live close to the Highlands and the Old Louisville area. The town borders Barret Avenue to the north and Eastern Parkway to the east. To the south and west of Germantown is South Fork of Beargrass Creek. Germantown offers many affordable housing options which are one of the main reasons why so many people have decided to move there over the past several years.

History of Germantown

Germantown was established and settled in the early 1870’s by German immigrants. At the time, the town was known as Frogtown due to the fact that the nearby Beargrass Creek would frequently overflow and cause many cases of malaria to arise. The area became a subdivided neighborhood and had a heavy development stage during the 1890’s. Around the time of the Civil War, the largest number of shotgun houses was built in the city of Louisville. The early German settlers that moved to the area built large Catholic churches and later moved into nearby neighborhoods including Germantown, Butchertown and Phoenix Hill.

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Homes located in Germantown

Germantown can be found near the Highlands in Louisville, Kentucky. There are many affordable single family residential homes available for sale in the area. The neighborhood is full of restored shotgun houses, one-of-a-kind restaurants and small boutiques. This area if full of Kentucky history and many of the residents of Germantown have worked hard to keep the rich culture of the town alive for years. Many of the homes that are currently up for sale are renovations of older houses that were built in the early days of Germantown’s establishment. These homes have been updated to modern standards and bring a bit of history back to this pleasant Louisville suburb.

Schools in the Germantown Area

Students who live in the Germantown area attend schools that are a part of the Jefferson County School District. Public schools in the area include Audubon Traditional Elementary School, Norton Elementary School, Lowe Elementary School, Albert S. Brandeis Elementary School, Barret Traditional Middle School, Jefferson County Traditional Middle School, Crosby Middle School, Noe Middle School, Dupont Manual High School, Louisville Male High School, Atherton High School and Ballard High School.

Private Schools that are close to the Germantown area include Sacred Heart Academy Highlands Latin School, Mercy Academy, Holy Cross High School, Whitefield Academy, Evangel School, and Assumption High School.

Things to do in Germantown and Louisville

There are plenty of fun activities for families who live in the Germantown are to take part in. The National Underground Railroad Museum located in Maysville tells the story of the struggle for freedom in the United States through a variety of programs and exhibits that focus on America’s struggle to rid itself from slavery. Another attraction in Maysville to visit is Paradise Breeze. This fun water park and family fun center has plenty of safe water activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. If you are interested in visiting local parks in the area, you can try nearby Kincaid Lake State Park which is located in Falmouth, KY. There are also several RV and Campground sites in the Germantown area for you to enjoy.

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