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Anchorage Real Estate

Surrounded by stately oaks and beautiful magnolia trees, the charming community of Anchorage creates the storybook setting everyone has wished to call home. Historic homes, country estates, and smaller homes transforms this quiet town into a haven for families and homeowners. One look around and you’ll fall in love with the rolling hills of greenery and the white picket fences bordering properties. As a community outside of the Louisville area, it’s a great place to find some private seclusion and peace from the hustle and bustle of city-life.

Anchorage Real Estate

Matching the beauty and elegance of Anchorage, local real estate features luxurious homes outfitted with all the features you’ve ever wanted. Well-manicured yards complemented by evergreen trees creates an opulent entrance for home buyers. As you step inside, you’ll love the spacious rooms each home provides. Modern kitchens offer state-of-the-art appliances that make cooking easier, and with the ample amount of counter space you won’t have to worry about clutter. Cozy breakfast nooks provide a casual area to share meals, and the living room is a great place to kick back and relax. Master suites give you all the amenities you’ve dreamed of, from amazing bathrooms to vaulted ceilings. For more information about Anchorage real estate, click the button below:

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Distinguished Schools in Anchorage

  • Anchorage Elementary
  • Holy Angels Academy
  • Kayfield Academy

Things to Do in Anchorage

  • Plan a Picnic & Go Hiking Along the Anchorage Trail
  • Spend a Day Shopping in Louisville, KY
  • Let the kids have fun at the All About Kids Play Center

For more information about Anchorage, feel free to send us your questions via our contact page (click here). We’d be happy to address any concerns you might have!

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