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Featured Neighborhood: Clifton in Louisville, KY

Clifton Real Estate

Of all the beautiful and historic neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky, the neighborhood of Clifton is one of the oldest in the city. Unlike the other neighborhoods located in Louisville, the first homes were built as early as the late 1800’s in Clifton. Dotted among the oldest homes that were built in the 1860’s there are also homes from 1910.

Almost all the homes in the Clifton neighborhood are Victorian and give off a historical and romantic feel. Beautiful, majestic Victorian style homes line the neighborhood in classical colors, giving an authentic appearance.

clifton louisville KY

Condos in Clifton

Many new condos are being developed in the Clifton neighborhood on a regular basis, providing more housing in the area. Condos in Clifton come with basic amenities, as well as more elaborate set ups. Prices vary according to the amenities the condos have to offer. Owning a condo in Clifton convenient when commuting to work outside the neighborhood because it is just a short distance east of Louisville.

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Getting Around the Neighborhood

One of the things that makes Clifton so unique and convenient is that residents can get around the neighborhood without even owning a car. Residents can walk, bike, or ride public transportation to get to different areas in town or around the neighborhood. Many boutiques, restaurants, schools and bistros are located throughout the neighborhood within walking distance.


Car free and stress free transportation routes are set up all through the neighborhood, making errands a convenient and enjoyable activity. Residents can hop on their bikes and reach several restaurants and shopping boutiques. The bike route also extends past the post office so residents can drop off their mail or send packages without wasting gas. Bike racks are available at most stop-off points.

Public Transit

Public transit is also available in the Clifton neighborhood. For a couple of bucks, residents can enjoy the cool, air controlled climate inside one of the busses that runs through the main strip of town. Riding the bus to get around the neighborhood saves tons of money when it comes to gas prices. There is also plenty of help available at every stop to ensure passengers know exactly what route to take in order to transverse the neighborhood with ease.

In Conclusion

Aside from the antiquated Victorian houses, and beautiful scenery, Clifton has so much more to offer with access to many different parks and recreation facilities. For those who would like to live in a quiet, close knit community without worrying about transportation, Clifton is a neighborhood worth looking into. Friendly neighbors, antiquated Victorian homes, new condos being built frequently, and a wealth of activities for people of all ages—who wouldn’t want to explore their options in Clifton?

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