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FAQ | The Medley-Sokoler Team Listing Videos

Here at The Medley-Sokoler Team, we LOVE video and use it for all of our listings. We also have a collection of video testimonials from both our buyers and sellers.

Below, Bob Sokoler answers the most commonly asked questions from our clients. Have a question that’s not answered? Ask us!

Do videos really help sell a home?
Actually yes, we even have proof of it; watch the embedded YouTube video below. We interviewed a couple who recently bought one of our homes and they talked about seeing the home in one of our videos and falling in love with it immediately. They actually decided to buy the home after watching the video. Even more impressive, the wife admits that after sending the video to her relatives her aunt emailed her back telling her she was going to love the Avantium microwave in the kitchen. Our seller says she had no idea what that was. Interestingly enough this was not the only time that we’ve heard from buyers that they’ve fallen in love with our homes thanks to the video. So yes a video helps sell homes and we plan to push the envelope and find better ways to get videos of our homes to potential buyers.

Do you do that type of video for all your listings?
Yes, the costs of Google owning YouTube, we believe that videos on homes help the visibility of that home. By using keyword indexing Google matches the videos with their customer searches. When it comes down to the bottom line it’s all about getting eyeballs on the listing, the more eyeballs the more you increase the chance of getting a buyer into a home and that increases the chance of selling it.

How much does it cost for you to do those videos?
Absolutely positively nothing. We do videos on all our homes and don’t charge a penny more. We even have a video on our $20,000 listing.

Can we see the house?
You bet! We have a team of top agents standing by their phones 24/7. You want to see a home, you call me and I will get our agents out to show you the home immediately.

Why doesn’t my Realtor do those videos for me?
It can cost a Realtor a lot of money to produce those videos. My background is in television news as an anchor and reporter at a number of television stations around the country. The reason I love my job as much as I do is because I’m able to combine all my past experience with my love for homes and create the videos your seeing. Most agents don’t have that advantage and typically a video like the one we produce for each of our listings can cost upwards of $500-$1000. I know of several companies on the West Coast that actually charge at least $20,000 for similar videos. Right now only 14% of all Realtors in the country are using videos to market their homes. Yet Google says that in the very near future 90% of all Internet traffic will be video. That means if a Realtor is not creating a video for their listing they are losing out on an important marketing tool to get that home sold.

Weren’t you on TV at one time here Louisville?
Yes. I was an anchor and reporter at WHAS 11 for a number of years. I co-anchored to television show called Louisville Tonight Live. Kirby Adams cohosted the show with me and we are still friends. If you Google Louisville Tonight Live you may find a couple of clips also search on YouTube. I’ve also worked in Atlanta, Orlando and a number of other cities around the country. You may have also seen some of my reports on NBC news during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona Spain.

Do you do videos like this outside the Louisville area?
Sorry, I only work within the Louisville and Southern Indiana area at the present time. I’m actually helping to train several other agents around the country to create videos like the ones I do.

How do you get there camera so smooth walking through the home, I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work?
I use a combination of good equipment and technology. The process is pretty straightforward, my gear is a Nikon D 800 with Nikon wide-angle glass. I then use Macs to edit in Final Cut 10 and then stabilize. The combination works perfectly.

You have any other homes with videos?
Here’s a mix of our listing videos from our YouTube Channel (All homes are now off the market and no longer for sale):
7901 Farm Spring Drive
3050 Fallen Wood Lane
7406 Warrenton Hill Court

To see all our videos, visit our YouTube Channel.

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