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Louisville vs Lexington: Which City Will You Choose to Live In?

Louisville and Lexington are the metropolitan Bluegrass cities located in and near the heart of Kentucky. They are 75 miles apart from each other and both lay claim to being the thoroughbred raising capital. Lexington has been named the Thoroughbred City and the Horse Capital, while Louisville hosts the world class Kentucky Derby at the Churchill Downs. If you’re planning to relocate to either Louisville or Lexington, write to their Chamber of Commerce organization for a relocation planning guide. Both Louisville and Lexington packages contain housing information, economic statistics, a map, an entertainment section, local services, and utility information. Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city, located in Jefferson County. Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky’s Lexington-Fayette County.

Louisville vs Lexington

Louisville Real Estate:

Louisville’s thriving economy is steadily attracting new businesses with its low cost of living and its encouragement of new technology in medicine, IT and transportation. Attractions for new families moving into the area and its current residents includes a citywide park system, top chef restaurants, professional theater and stage events for the whole family and job opportunities for white and blue collar workers. The housing options in Louisville involve condominiums, single family homes, townhomes, ranches, farms and luxury estates. Louisville’s neighborhoods are as different as its housing styles, covering new and historic Cape Code and Victorian style homes. Louisville is second in the United States’ top housing market because of its affordability and appreciating home prices.

Lexington Real Estate:

Lexington is known as the “heart” of Kentucky because of its central location. It claim to fame are thoroughbred horses, basketball, bourbon, southern charm and its natural scenic locations. Lexington is a mix of large city activities within a small town environment. There are over 250 communities that makeup Lexington’s character and economic personality. Housing options are plentiful for anyone relocating here or who require a second home. Property types include co-ops, new and historic single and multi-family residences, chic condominiums, townhomes, farms, ranch style homes, and plenty of open space lots. No matter where you decide to live, Lexington’s real estate motto is to keep its natural bluegrass and horse farm landscape a part of the open space areas, under its Urban Growth Boundary program.

Louisville or Lexington – A Tough Decision:

Both Lexington and Louisville are home to top rated educational systems which include elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. They both feature scenic beauty and lots of indoor and outdoor, year round activities for everyone. Choosing any Kentucky bluegrass community will be difficult because of its inviting attractions and a government who retains the ability to manage eco-friendly resources to protect its residential and commercial environment.

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