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Louisville: A Top City with a Top Workplace

Louisville JobsRelocating to a new area can be a stressful period for you, especially if you’re looking for a new job at the same time. Managing finances and ensuring a safe future for your family is always a top priority — which is why Louisville has remained a popular destination to move to. With numerous corporations headquartered in the city and tons of startup opportunities around the area, there’s no shortage of jobs. But offering jobs isn’t what makes the city great. It’s the chance to grow as a professional. With a diverse group of businesses, you won’t feel yourself stuck in one position. There’s opportunities to branch out, expand your abilities, and improve your skills.

Companies like Ford, UPS, and YUM! Brands are just a small part of the job listings and only a small part of what makes Louisville great (excuse the sales pitch). In neighborhoods like the Highlands, you can discover local movements like “Buy Local” and “Keep Louisville Weird,” which have boosted small businesses and made the city a hub for local startups. Each of these companies builds off the community, transforming your living experience into a great one.

Companies to Work For In Louisville

  • UPS
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Yum! Brands (Owners of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, & Long John Silvers)
  • Brown-Foreman Corporation
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Radio Sound
  • Steepleton Co.
  • Cafepress Inc.
  • Humana

Why Live & Work in Louisville?

Besides having opportunity to grow as a work professional, there’s more to Louisville than horse racing and fried chicken. Lonely Planet recently named Louisville the country’s top place to visit. From an active lifestyle to quiet suburbs, there’s a place for everyone. Vibrant shops, delicious restaurants, and great entertainment venues are icing on the cake when it comes to living in Louisville. Stunning homes, placed in great neighborhoods, offer a truly unique experience. Spacious yards offer a great place for the children to play in while modern kitchens make cooking an easy task. Plus, the master suites come equipped with an array of luxury amenities that every homeowner dreams of.

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With plenty of things to do, great homes to stay in, and awesome places to work for, why wouldn’t Louisville be a great place to live in? If you’ve been thinking of relocating to the Louisville area, feel free to give us a call (502) 992-4137 or email us via our contact page (click here). We’d be happy to assist you and give you local advice!

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