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I Want to Sell My House. How Do I Get Started?

Selling your home can be a fun experience if you take the necessary steps to do so. Many people who complain about the experience are the ones who did not create a strategic plan and follow it. If you are seeking to sell your Louisville home you have the advantage of selling a property in a beautiful and desired area. Once you begin to follow the necessary steps, you should have no trouble getting the price you want for your property.

Sell My Louisville Home

Making Repairs and Cosmetic Work

The first thing you need to do in the home selling process is make repairs to things that may need fixing. You would be surprised how much money homeowners lose when selling their property, simply because they did not make repairs that would cost a couple dollars. You want potential buyers to see your home as move-in ready (with little to no repairs needed). Leaving scuff marks or outdated furnishings can knock off your home’s value for several hundred dollars when it only take a $30-50 dollars to fix it. One advice we often give is go ahead and hire a home inspector to look at your house. He can reveal any potentially large issues that could push away a home buyer (when it comes to closing the contract). With a home inspection, you can go ahead and fix problems before they are even known to the buyers.

A good paint job can also go a long way to beautify your home to make it more appealing. However do not paint walls unusual colors that would turn off some potential buyers. Neutral colors usually works best for the showing of your home.

Finding an Agent

After making the necessary repairs and cosmetic work, finding a good real estate agent is the next step. This is crucial because the right agent will not only market your home in various places that get a lot of attention, they may also be connected to potential buyers that they can sell your home to. To talk with one of our agents about selling your home, click here.

Pricing Your Home

Your real estate agent will also help you figure out the best price to list your home for. They will research what homes in your neighborhood sold for in recent times to get an idea of the value homes are going for in the neighborhood. Be prepared to negotiate- as buyers will be trying to get the best price possible. Know the bottom price you are willing to take for your home. Preparation will keep your emotions in check, leaving you more level-headed as you go into negotiations.

Staging Your Home For Showings

When people come to see your home they should be able to envision themselves living in the home. For this reason please remember less is more. Remove all unnecessary clutter in the home before showing your home. Create a space that is appealing to home buyers. Always have your home clean and well kept because you never know when your realtor will be calling you to bring someone over for a showing. Be sure to also keep the outside of the home clean as well. The lawn should be cut nicely and any bushes should be trimmed. You want potential buyers walking away thinking how beautiful your property is and how much they would love to have it.

Open Houses

Open houses are a great time for a multitude of people to see your home. As mentioned in the previous sections, staging your home for open houses are extremely important. But what is also important is making the potential buyers feel comfortable enough to look around. It is for this reason that many believe it is not a good idea for the owners of the property to be home during the showing. If you have a trustworthy realtor, allow them to conduct the open house. This is a great time go catch that movie you have been waiting to see. Open houses typically last 4 hours and are best on Sundays.

Follow these steps and you should have good success in selling your home in beautiful Louisville, KY. The home selling process does not have to be an arduous task. Allow this to be a fun time that you and your family can spend recreating the look of your home to appeal to your guests.

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