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Halloween Decorations for Your Louisville Home

Halloween is one of the most family fun times of the year, as kids get the chance to dress up like their favorite spooky characters, and you get the chance to decorate your house in a scary, yet fun, way. These basic idea should get you on track to having the scariest house in Louisville, Kentucky! Remember, you can alter any of these ideas as you see fit!

Halloween Home Lights Louisville KY
by In Sight Designs Unlimited

Halloween Lights Can Create an Eerie Feel

Halloween lights are perhaps the most important decoration item to add to your home. While they aren’t quite as mood setting as Christmas lights, they can help add a spooky atmosphere to your yard. String up lights along the edges of the outside of your home, much like you would with your Christmas lights. Focus specifically on the roof, the porch, and the front door of your home. However, if you have a house that faces more than one street, make sure to decorate these sides too.

Use orange, purple, dark green, and gold lights, as these fit in the best with the Halloween spirit. Hang lights from decorations in your back yard, and dangle them through tree limbs. Set the lights to blink to create an eye-catching, and scary, style.

The Spooky & Terrifying

Create a fun-filled “spook theater” in your front yard to attract trick-or-treaters and show off your creativity. This is a decoration idea that is suggested for the more rural areas of Louisville. It probably won’t be as possible in the downtown area. Build or purchase large dummies, and create an exciting tableau of frightening figures. Include zombies crawling out of their grave, vampires sneaking up on unsuspecting victims, fake body parts, scary jack-o-lanterns, a shambling mummy, and even a few sheet ghosts, hanging from trees. Play a tape of scary sound effects to go along with your tableau.

Louisville Home Halloween Decorations
by Between Naps on the Porch

Decorations for Downtown Louisville, KY

However, if you live in downtown Louisville, it might be a good idea to focus on smaller scale decorations. A few jack-o-lanterns on your balcony ledges may be all you need. You can also hang bats from your porch, or place stuffed black cats along your windows. Simple Halloween window stickers can create easy, but fun, decorations. You can also get your kids in on the act, by giving them window crayons, and coloring your windows with your own personalized scenes of fright!

Decorating for Halloween

When possible, avoid store bought decorations. These are useful in a decoration pinch, but if you want to create a truly unique experience, you’ll need to build your own decorations. Paper mache is a powerful craft tool, that can create dozens of different types of spooky creatures. You should also stock up on black and orange felt, to create scary bats. Give them googly eyes to make them kid friendly.

Whatever decorations you end up using, make sure to make them as kid friendly as possible. Being afraid is fun, but you don’t want to give any kids nightmares. Always have a few funny, smiling Halloween decorations, to keep the mood light, and your trick-or-treaters happy!

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