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Get Started Selling Your Home

Selling a home doesn’t just take time or preparation. It takes a reality check. Homeowners tend to go into the selling process, thinking they’ll make a fortune. Or some of them think they don’t have to negotiate. “Our home is perfect and it deserves the highest price,” they’ll say. But I’ll tell you today, they are wrong. 99% of the time, no buyer will fall for that – and that’s because the buyer is looking for their home, not yours. We all have dreams about our house, but sometimes people need a good rear kicking back to reality. Negotiation and keeping the house in tip-top shape are the only things that will help sell your home. So let’s get you started on selling your house by saying, “stick to reality.”

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Step 1: Do Research & Price Your Home Right

One of the first things you should do before listing your home, and one of the things most people overlook, is doing their homework. Everyone puts their heart and soul into their home, and that’s why they want to sell it for top-dollar. But you can’t get crazy on it. If 3-bedroom houses are selling for $300,000 in your neighborhood, then that’s the typical price range you’ll be in when you decide to sell. Obviously, home features and amenities might bring that price up or down, depending on the situation, but don’t expect to sell your home for $500,000 just because you have a backyard swimming pool. Reality is dictating otherwise.

Do some research and figure out the correct price range you can sell your home for. If you’re not sure how to do this, a local real estate agent can give you a free market analysis and show you what your house can sell for. [Contact a Louisville Real Estate Agent]

Step 2: Prepare Your Home

More commonly known as “Staging a house,” preparing your home is vital to selling. Common tips to getting ready are cleaning up home, getting rid of clutter, and fixing anything that needs it. All are true and proven tips, but we suggest you take it 2 steps further. One is don’t forget about your yard. Cleaning up the inside of your house is great, but you won’t get anyone in the door unless your yard looks presentable. And second, is get a pre-home inspection. Paying a home inspector to do a search before buyers start making offers might save a deal in the long end. The last thing any seller wants is to scare off a buyer because he didn’t spot a leak in the roof.

Step 3: Stay Emotionally Detached

Selling your home will be emotionally challenging. It is for everyone. Having strangers poke around places that you’ve long considered private will unsettle you a bit. It will get worse when they start criticizing what you’ve done to your home and how you live. And when the offer comes and it’s not what you expected, you’ll feel irritated, to say the least. So here’s out tip: look at your home from a financial perspective only. It’ll distance you from what people are saying, and keep you wiser in negotiations.

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