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Bringing the Kentucky Derby to Your Home

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious sporting events in our country’s history. On May 4th, this historic event will be taking place at Churchill Downs providing excitement for all who attend the event and those who witness it by way of television. Some of the most prestigious and famous individuals attend the Kentucky Derby in order to take part in the traditions and festivities that have become associated with this event. If you are a Louisville resident and are not planning to attend the event this year, why not host your very own Kentucky Derby party/event featuring the traditions many have come to know and love.

Kentucky Derby

Before and after the race occurs, your guests can enjoy the activities and traditions of the Kentucky Derby to give them the sense that they are actually at the event itself. Some of these traditions include:

• Garland of Roses: The rose garland was first seen when the winner of the 1896 race was presented with an arrangement of roses. Since then, these roses have been presented to women who attend high end parties celebrating the derby. Your female guests can be swept away as they are treated with this same elegant gift as women of great social status.

• Replicas of the Twin Spires can be made to give your party the look of Churchill Downs.

• You and your guest can replicate the post Derby parade by forming a conga line and marching to the tune of the traditional song “My Old Kentucky Home”

Mint Julep Kentucky Derby

• Mint Julep has been the traditional drink for the Kentucky Derby for nearly a century and it can be the featured drink at your party/event. You can find great recipes to make your version of this cocktail more outstanding than any restaurant or bar could ever dream of.

• Being that it is a Kentucky Derby party you are hosting, you can have each of your guests dress in the traditional attire for the event. Women at the derby are famously known for their wide brim hats. Your female guests can show off their fashion sense as they sport their wide brim derby hats at your party. Men can research some southern style attire that would be perfect for the party. Allow your party to have a formal/casual feel to it.

Kentucky Derby Hats

These are just some ideas that you can make a part of an amazing party you can host for family, friends and neighbors. This event of yours can begin a tradition that continues each year for the Kentucky Derby. Don’t forget to leave your ideas in the comments section below!

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