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A Good Mix: Homes and Bourbon Blended Together

When people mention Louisville, they often think of it as the home destination for the Kentucky Derby or the original marketplace for baseball bats (traditionally named “Sluggers”). But what people often miss is the history and culture centered around bourbon. Situated in prime “Bourbon Country,” the native drink has long been a favorite among Kentuckians and around the nation. In a way, it’s our own “American” drink, just how the Scots have their scotch and the Russians their vodka. It’s distinctly ours and has long been an influence on our community.

With such pride going into the making of Kentucky bourbon, we feel you shouldn’t hide it in a kitchen cabinet. It deserves its own coveted spot in the home. There’s a pride to showing it off – a distinct heritage you come to own when you live in the area. Bottles like Maker’s Mark and Knob Creek have made their presence with this notion, so why shouldn’t you? See what creative ways people have used to display their local pride — from storing their bourbon in their home:

Bourbon Home
by Princeton Design Collaborative
Bourbon Louisville KY
by Olga Adler
Bourbon Louisville KY
by Amy Lau Design
bourbon louisville ky
by Degnan Design Builders, Inc.

The Taste of Louisville, KY Real Estate

As you can see, Kentucky bourbon can play an integral role in the home. It doesn’t need to be shut away and rediscovered years later. It’s a symbol of pride and a perfect conversation starter when you have guests over or host your own dinner party. From the “man-caves” to the home offices, it’s a great addition to your home and mixes together beautifully. If you have creative ways to showing off your bourbon in your home, feel free to share in our comments section below. We’d be delighted to see how bourbon plays a part in your Louisville home experience!

And if you want to find a great home to store your favorite bourbon, start searching our current home listings by clicking the button below:

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