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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

We all know selling your home isn’t as easy as saying it. From the rebounding real estate market to picky home buyers, sellers have a number of obstacles to prepare for when selling their home. However, even though the process may not be easy at times, it doesn’t mean you need to make it difficult on yourself either. Together, we’ve compiled a short list of common mistakes to avoid when selling your home. If you realize these potential pitfalls, we know selling your home will come quicker than most.

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1. Do Not Overprice the Home

Overpricing a home is a major turnoff to potential buyers. Some buyers will not even bother coming to view the property and negotiating a lower price. A seller can do online searches for the general market value of properties in the neighborhood. They can also do research on what recent properties sold for in the area as well. A good real estate agent should be able to help with this information and pricing the home.

2. Not Diligently Researching for the Right Agent

The wrong real estate agent can lead to a home being on the market for quite a long while. When seeking an agent read testimonials from other clients they have served. Seek online blogs for people who have either recently sold a home in the area or is currently seeking to sell their home. Ask about agents they have or are currently using. Ask for recommendations. Even if a person from another state has a reputable agent they used, that agent may know an equally diligent agent in the area of the seller.

Sell My Home

3. Not Staging the Home Properly for Open Houses

Far too often, people selling their home leave their home exactly the way it is in their everyday life. This is a big mistake. When it is time to sell a home, it is time to start eliminating clutter and unnecessary belongings. In other words when showing a home for sale, less is more. Potential buyers need to see as much open and free space as possible in order that they can use their imagination on how they would decorate the home if they purchased it. Seek online tips for staging a home before each open house.

4. Leaving Minor Repairs for the Buyer

Before showing a home do all minor repairs in the house. Every repair needed in the home will knock money off the asking price. And usually the money knocked off is a lot more than what the actual job repair will cost. What would cost the seller $500 to fix could take away $2000 from the asking price.

5. Allowing Emotions to Become a Part of Negotiations

People become drawn to their home and all the work they put into it. Therefore when offers come in far less than expected, it is taken as an insult and the seller no longer wants to negotiate with the potential buyer. This is a huge mistake. Buyers are just trying to get the best deal possible. It is not a knock against the home. The mere fact they made an offer tells the seller they love the property. Take emotions out of the equation and enjoy the game of negotiating.

Avoiding these 5 mistakes should help a great deal with your home selling success. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to fill out the form below:

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