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4 Home Staging Ideas That Don’t Sell

When it comes time to sell, people have all sorts of ideas on staging their house. Some ideas are golden while others just don’t hit the mark. But I would even say there is one more category of home staging ideas: The overkill idea. Making your home look good is one thing, but overdoing it shows home buyers that what they’re seeing is fake. They start to get the impression that the house is too good to be true and stop trusting what they’re being told. As a result, those overkill home staging ideas work against you and decrease your chances of getting an offer (the complete opposite of what you’re trying to do). So, let’s take a look at some overkill ideas:

Home Staging Ideas That Are Overkill

1. Family Photos That Aren’t Your Family

Everyone wants to decorate their home and hang pictures on the wall, but one of the silliest things you can do is hang pictures with the manufacturer’s photos still inside. Home buyers are smart enough to know they aren’t real to begin with, and when you start giving them false impressions, they’ll lose trust in you. Instead of hanging fake pictures of celebrities and stock photos, try hanging some decorative art. It adds a special dimension to the house that not many homeowners utilize.

family phots
by Alexander Johnson Photography

2. Setting the Table

At first glance, this seems like a great idea, but again, it’s fake. Home buyers are jaded enough to see this isn’t how you live. It screams “staged home,” and that means buyers will start to think they can’t live like this. In result, they won’t want to buy the home. Keep table settings simple. Place some flowers at the center, but there’s no need to do all the plating and silverware.

3. Setting the Mood in the Bathroom

Home buyers aren’t on their honeymoon when searching for a home, so don’t set the mood with well-placed candles and flower essences in the bathroom. This could be a huge turnoff for family buyers. You should stick to the basics: clear the clutter off the sink, replace the shower curtain, and maybe upgrade the fixtures. These simple solutions will do a better job selling your home than candles will.

romantic bathroom
by Toronto Designers

4. Big Furniture = Plenty of Space

Sometimes people think they can show off the size of their home by putting in large pieces of furniture or adding as much as they can. This will only subtract from your house. It clutters your room, makes everything seem smaller (rather than bigger), and decreases the value of your home. Instead, utilize various forms of furniture to make rooms seem bigger, like a chest. It can serve as storage and as a coffee table.

Staging Your Louisville Home

When you’re ready to sell, don’t overdo it. Sometimes, the simplest things can add the most value. Home buyers are wise enough to see when you’re being fake and when you’re being real. If you keep the house clean and fixed up, then the property will sell itself. Decorative tricks will only waste your time and money. If you have any questions about selling your home, feel free to send us them in the form below. We’d be happy to discuss any concerns you might have!

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