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2013 Louisville Dragon Boat Festival

For the first time ever, Dragons will be taking control of the seas at Louisville Waterfront Park. The Louisville Dragon Boat Festival will be held the first weekend in September and everyone is invited to join in on the fun and excitement. Admission to this end-of-summer event is free for spectators while registration fees apply to teams who enter the race.

  • When: Saturday, September 7th
  • Where: At Louisville Waterfront Park
  • Admission & Fees: Admission to view the event is Free. Registration fees for Dragon Boat teams are listed below
Louisville KY Dragon Boat Festival
Source: Andrea_44

The History of Dragon Boat Racing

The earliest known Dragon Boat races occurred in China and were used to train naval warriors. The records show that the people of modern-day Southern China and Southeast Asia used these large intimidating boats for fighting as well as for demonstrating their military strengths. Today, Dragon Boat races are thought of as community events that are held all throughout China and across the world.

Who Will Be Supplying the Boats?

The Pan American Dragon Boat Association is bringing this huge event to the Louisville Area. This company, based out of Tampa, Florida, has made a name for itself across the nation by hosting dragon boat festivals in several major US cities. Now it is Louisville’s turn to get in on the fun.

Those who work for the Pan American Dragon Boat Association have 50 years of combined experience working with this type of equipment. And while providing equipment and training for Dragon Boat races is the main service they provide, Pan American also offers several other services for communities such as:

  • Event Planning
  • Camps and Clinics
  • Boat and Equipment Sales
  • Site Selection and Consultation
  • Sponsorship and Marketing tools for the Big Event
Louisville KY Dragon Boat Festiva
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Who Can Participate in This Event?

The conductors of this day-long event encourage local businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations to enter in order to gain recognition or raise awareness for their cause. Out of town groups, club teams, and youth groups are also eligible to race. Teams must be made up of 20 paddlers, one drummer and five alternates. All team members must be twelve years of age or older in order to paddle. And all paddlers must include at least eight women. The registration fees for each group type are as follows:

  • Corporate Teams – $1,500
  • Club Teams – $1,250
  • Non-profit Community Teams – $1.200
  • Out of Town Teams – $1,000
  • Youth Teams – $750

All equipment will be provided to the teams by the Pan American Dragon Boat Association. This includes boats, paddles and life-jackets. No experience is necessary as all teams will receive professional training and have time to practice weeks before the event takes place.

This is a family-oriented event that is sure to bring together the members of the Louisville community. Enjoy the fun and excitement with your friends and family members as you watch local and out-of-town teams strive to reach the finish line while paddling these large, beautifully detailed Dragon Boats.

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