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12 Tips For Selling Your Home Before Christmas

Your Louisville, KY home for sale can be sold before Christmas, but first there may be some things you need to do to get it ready to show to potential buyers. Hospitality and warmth are offered by the city, so your home needs to offer the same. The list of things to do may seem overwhelming, but with these 12 tips, your home can be ready in 12 days.

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1. Find an Agent

What kind of home in Louisville do you have? Find an agent that is capable of selling the your home type and location. Remember that some realtors specialize in luxury homes versus traditional homes. Find out how they plan to market your home to be sure you can meet your goals of selling by Christmas.

2. See What Your Home is Worth

Do some research to see what your home is worth. There are many sites to provide you with estimates and your agent should have comparative analysis as well. Look at recently sold homes in your neighborhood that have similar features and square footage, too.

3. Decide on a Listing Price

Your home needs a listing price. Be competitive without going too low. People will want to negotiate, so be sure the number is padded slightly with this in mind. Talk with your agent to come to a decision on the final number.

4. Make Repairs

Fix anything that is going to prevent the home from being purchased. This includes holes in the wall, broken floor tiles and leaky faucets. Potential buyers want to move right in, so anything that will prevent them from doing so needs to be addressed.

5. Clear Clutter

Clutter is defined as anything that doesn’t serve a purpose – magazines, toys, laundry. Box it up and store it in the garage if you have to. Buyers want to envision rooms with their stuff, not yours.

6. Arrange Furniture

Furniture should be arranged to capture a view and make it easy to converse. To give the living room more space, arrange the couch and chairs on a diagonal in the room.

7. Stage the Bathrooms

Let people imaging their own décor in the bathrooms. Remove as many colors and personal touches as possible. Don’t forget to clean from top to bottom, including the toilet and tub.

8. Stage the Kitchen

The kitchen should look usable. Clear out personal décor and keep it simple. If you have a pot rack, remove it as it can give the appearance that your kitchen does not have enough space.

9. Enhance Curb Appeal

The first thing people see is the outside of the home. Improve the curb appeal by taking care of the lawn or clearing the sidewalk of snow.

10. Seasonal Touches

It’s Christmastime, so you should place seasonal touches around the home. Tell people that your home is appealing with a Christmas wreath on the door or scented candles in the living room.

11. Prepare and Host Open House

Depending on your agent, you will need to prepare for the open house on your own. Bake something fresh and fill the home with the aroma. Have literature on hand and remind people that Louisville has been named one of the Most Livable cities in the world.

12. Review and Adjust

The selling strategy may have to be adjusted if you don’t receive an offer. Talk to your agent and find out what people said. You may have to make some repairs, remove more clutter, or rearrange furniture based upon comments.

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